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Question Question This is the question asked in an interview

There are 3 persons A,B,C standing in a queue and all are facing in one direction. C can see A and B ; B can see A ; A can not see any one. There are 3 white caps and 2 Black caps in a box. Only 3 caps are picked up randomly and wore by A,B and C.

After wearing the cap all are asked which cap they are wearing.

C says Not sure
B says Not sure
A says sure and the cap colour

How A says the exact colour of the cap which he is wearing.

Please tell me the answer if you have any idea about this.Please help me out on this.
Answer Answer

A is blind as he cannot see any one, so for him all colours are black.

Answered By: Poonam    Date: 1/24/2008

A is standing in front of the mirror.

Answered By: chinmoyee    Date: 2/8/2008

because A is standing at last so he can see the coloyur of the other 2

Answered By: sushant kumar    Date: 2/10/2008

Because he knows that if b & c took the caps either black or white it will still remain at least 1 white cap, therefore the cap A wore is white.

Answered By: Liadi Ishaq Olawale    Date: 2/13/2008

A is wearing white cap

Answered By: Ravindra     Date: 2/13/2008

A see only black colour because he is blind

Answered By: rana    Date: 2/16/2008

before wearing the cap they stood in the queue like the order A-B-C (Ex:towards the east).after wearing the cap they turned towards west direction that is why A said the exact color and B & C said not sure.i think......if you can give best then send to me

Answered By: uma    Date: 2/22/2008

While takilg the cap he would have seen the color. This is my suggestion.

Answered By: Senthil    Date: 3/8/2008

as there are only two black caps obviously A should be wearing only white cap only then he will be sure about his colour..

Answered By: venkat    Date: 3/11/2008

A is standing in front of a mirror. He can see his cap and the color. B cannot see because A is blocking his view. And also, C cannot see the mirror because A and B are blocking his view.

Answered By: Vijender Sandella    Date: 3/20/2008

A seen that C having black cap and B having also black cap,according to question there is two black cap and C&B wearing same so A sour that cap colour is white.

Answered By: manish sharma    Date: 3/27/2008

white there are four possibilities for A and B i.e WW, WB,BW,BB where w represents white and B represents black since C cant say,so BB is eliminated and B cant say,so eliminates BW.From the remaining two WB and WW so we conform that A hat is white.

Answered By: Govind Kumar    Date: 3/29/2008

Ans: White Possible options when C is not sure Persons: C B A Caps: A) N.S B W B) N.S W B C) N.S W W Then B says not sure means option B is ruled out thus A knows he is wearing white.

Answered By: Mahesh Soni    Date: 5/19/2008

As A can see what B and C are wearing, He saw that B and C are wearing Black cap. This is the only scenario where he can be sure that he is wearing a White CAP as both the black CAP are wore by A and B. Hope this solve urs probs.

Answered By: Gourab    Date: 5/30/2008

c can say its color wen a&b wear BB.but C says not sure.so a,b wears WB,BW,WW......B can say its color wen A wears black.but its says not sure........so BW is not.....it may be WW or WB........so it is conformed tat A wears 1ly W

Answered By: Malathy    Date: 6/17/2008

A might have seen the cap color with the reflection shown in the opposite person spectacle (the person who questioned what cap color that A was wearing)

Answered By: iswarya lakshmi    Date: 6/24/2008

A is wearing white cap

Answered By: jyoti    Date: 7/11/2008


Answered By: PREETY    Date: 7/22/2008

A is wearing white cap because...when he saw B,C wearing black caps...since there are only 2 black caps...he will be telling that he is wearing white cap...

Answered By: saiprasad    Date: 8/19/2008

A may be on mirror side

Answered By: sundar    Date: 8/20/2008

White. Since C said not sure, A & B standing in front must be wearing both White or one black & one white. Since B said not sure, A standing in front must be wearing White. So A is sure that he is wearing White.

Answered By: bs shara    Date: 8/22/2008

Due to height difference, standing in front of mirror, c is the lowest, b is medium , a is the tallest piece, so i.f.o mirror, B & C can't see the color....... while A can

Answered By: rhsplv    Date: 8/30/2008

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