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Question Question if a boy travels 5km at 30kmph and 6km at 24kmph what is its avg speed?
Answer Answer

30*5+24*6=150+144=294 294/2=147

Answered By: krishna    Date: 1/7/2008

Avwerage speed=(5*30)+(6*24)/11 Average speed is 26.72kmph

Answered By: vivek    Date: 1/8/2008


Answered By: Gautam Sarma    Date: 1/19/2008


Answered By: sahil    Date: 1/20/2008

26.4 km/h

Answered By: sagar    Date: 2/4/2008

122/5kmph take the time in each case and then total the distance and divide by total time u get the average speed

Answered By: dubey    Date: 2/11/2008

ques:if a boy travels 5km at 30kmph and 6km at 24kmph what is its avg speed.. ans:Avwerage speed=(5*30)+(6*24)/11 Average speed is 26.72kmph

Answered By: vel    Date: 2/13/2008

average speed=11/[(5/30)+(6/24)]=26.4kmph

Answered By: harshith    Date: 2/19/2008

time taken to travel 5km=10 min at 30kmph time taken to travel 6km=15 min at 24kmph total distance 5+6=11 total time 10+15=25 11/25*60=660/25=26.40 kmph

Answered By: sahil rampal    Date: 2/22/2008

avg speed=total dis./total time total dis.=6+5=11km total time=30/5+24/6=10H avg speed=11/10=1.1kmph

Answered By: mukesh    Date: 3/19/2008


Answered By: ANN    Date: 4/22/2008


Answered By: aswathi    Date: 5/8/2008

total distance/total time 11/[25/60]=26.4 kmph

Answered By: ronak shah    Date: 5/16/2008

(5+6)/(5/30+6/24) = 26.4 Kph

Answered By: Ankur    Date: 5/25/2008

Time taken to cover first 5 km=5/30hrs=0.16hr Time Taken to cover another 6 km=6/24=0.25 hr Total time=0.16+0.25=0.41 hrs Total Distance=5+6=11 Averave Speed=total Distance/Total Time =11/0.41=26.82 km/hr

Answered By: Amit Joshi    Date: 5/31/2008

[(5*30)+6*24)]/11 26.72 Km/Hrs

Answered By: Narender Kumar    Date: 6/18/2008

12kmph using formula 2xy/x+y

Answered By: luckkygaddu    Date: 6/19/2008

S1=30 S2=24 1/S1+1/S2=2/SA SA=AVERAGE SPEED 1/30+1/24=2/SA SA=(2*120)/9=26.6

Answered By: AKILA    Date: 6/23/2008


Answered By: HARDIK PANCHAL    Date: 6/30/2008

Don't use the formula 2xy/(x+y).this formula is possible only for equal distance.so the ans is 26.82km/hr.

Answered By: pavithra    Date: 7/15/2008


Answered By: ramachandran kec    Date: 8/11/2008

[(5/6)+(6/24)]=(11/s); s=132/5==>s=26.4Kmph

Answered By: Ravinder    Date: 8/21/2008

30*5+24*6=150+244=394 394/2=197

Answered By: Shi    Date: 8/22/2008

(30*5)+(24*6)=150+144=294 294/2=147

Answered By: Shruthi    Date: 8/22/2008

per min speed 5/10 and 6/15 so in avg speed per hour is =30(5/10+6/15) =27

Answered By: Aakash Malhotra    Date: 12/9/2008

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